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Free iPad Retina Wallpaper from the beautiful Swiss Alps!

Free PC Companion Software (V3.5)

Mainscreen      Hierachy View

- Requires .NET 4.0, runs on Windows XP and higher)
- Use the Free PC companion software to edit the templates, define your collections and import/export your data
Download Setup from here! or (Download Zip Archive from here!: Unpack and DoubleClick bin/DataCollector.exe. No installation required and no Admin rights!)

In case you need it: Previous Version (V3.4)   (Download previous Zip Archive from here!)

Samples and Templates

Here are some advanced samples you can download and use on the iPad/iPhone (for V3.0 and higher)

1) Math Expressions Demo (Demo for the new Calculation Engine!)

2) HierarchyDemo (With grouping, images and new hierarchy diagram!)

3) Swiss ZipCodes (Postleitzahlen) (With Action Urls)

4) Survey Advanced  (With Action Urls and custom icons)

5) Outlook Template (With Action Urls, Custom Clipboard Formatters and PreviewDataIds)

6) Templates Overview (With Action Urls)

7) Private Contacts (With Action Urls and Custom Clipboard Formatters)

8) Music Collection (With Action Urls)

9) Movies Collection (With Action Urls)

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